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Ch 8 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ch 8 - Essay Example The United States policymakers face varied challenges of recognizing that the fundamental change in global politics and utilizing the supreme military power of America to fashion an international environment conducive to its interests. Moreover, globalization has contributed to varied changes not only to my lifestyle but also to my urban area. It has contributed to social conflicting issues especially through social media such as increased cyber bullying, cyber crimes and increased health related issues due to too much use of social media. It has also created effects on efficiency, production and competitiveness in production of commodities, as well as, increased unemployment levels with associated social impacts in urban areas. There are significant considerations taken when making decisions to migrate and this includes the need for employment opportunities, search for better working conditions, political considerations including a stable political climate and economic considerations. These aspects might differentially impact many people in different ways. First, an unemployed young Mexican will be impacted by these decisions in a manner that migrating to another new working environment may contribute to communication problems because of language barriers. Although many young people prefer migrating to new places in search for new pastures, many of them face varied issues due to spatial interaction problems. Secondly, a retired Midwestern farm couple will also be impacted because of locational attributes and other aspects. For instance, incomes of retirees vary from one location to another; thus the migration decisions coupled by job market conditions will impact them. Lastly, an unemployed heavy equipment operator might find it difficult to operate new equipment machine in anew working environment because of changes in technology. Sometimes, working rules differs from one working environment another and this

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Biblcal Concepts of Worship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Biblcal Concepts of Worship - Essay Example Martin's definition of worship as a dramatic celebration of God must have kindled this quest for finding ways on how one should worship. A look at the Scriptures about the doctrine of worship will help make this new trend be subject to the evaluation of the churches in general, in this modern age. In the Old Testament there is one main word which is identified which is rendered "worship." It occurs a total of 172 times in the Authorized Version and being rendered 99 times by "worship" and 68 times as a verb or as an action which denotes the bending over or making oneself appear to be smaller than one really is. The word worship means bow, bow down, obeisance, reverence, fall down, stoop, or crouch. Worship is a technical term for an action where a man's attitude before God is concerned. Worship is our reaction based on our knowledge of who God is or of what He has done for us. The Hebrew word "worship" carries with it the action of bowing down. The emphasis on the action illustrates the relationship of the creature, man, towards the Creator, God. Worship, therefore, in this case is acknowledging God's sovereignty. In several Scripture passages, the word translated "worship" means to do obeisance. It is to show respect and reverence to a superior. When the authority of the superior is recognized, the inferior "bowed down" or "prostrated themselves" at the other's feet as a recognition of their being superior. More often, worship is tied up with the revelation of who God is. When a person "worshipped" God or fell down before God in the Old Testament, they were doing so because they knew who God is in their lives. How a man will worship God will be based on how he knows God. If he doesn't know God, he cannot react in worship. If his knowledge of God is limited, so will his worship be also. Bowing down or falling down is an acknowledgment of God's supremacy, His sovereignty, and His authority. From this confession that God is superior arises an action of obedience in the life of the one who worships. When God said, "Why do you call Me Lord, Lord and not do what I tell you" He was expressing the idea that if one acknowledges God as sovereign it must result to his obedience to the commands that are received from Him. The New Testament Worship There are many words in the New Testament which are translated as "worship". There is one which occurs in 60 occasions and is always rendered "worship" in the Authorized Version. The word connotes that the worshipper had to be involved in some form of bending, kneeling or prostration. This was parallel to obeisance in the Old Testament. There are two other words which mean "to revere" or "to adore" and this emphasizes the feeling of awe or devotion in the act of worship. The Contemporary or Modern Worship As mentioned earlier, many of the churches today of the Protestants and the Catholics have ventured into the realm of findings new ways of expressing their worship, more specifically, public worship. This venture results from the desire to have a kind of worship that will work and continue to be practiced in the church. "A worship that will have staying power is a worship that is firmly grounded in the old, yet aware of and concerned for new ways to respond to the old, old story." (Webber) Everyday, many churches coming from different lights of traditions are making a new touch with their worship. From liturgical

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Labor Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Labor Management - Essay Example Workers become members of unions seeing the past record, strength of the union and the reputation of its leaders in the organization. Union security often works to the advantage of the organization as well, because in such a situation the management holds discussions with a representative body of the workers and comes out with requisite policies. In addition, the management also gets a feel of the shortcomings prevailing in the organization. Ensuring the basic minimum wage standards: Law of the land stipulates some minimum wage for different types of jobs. But at times, some companies try to maximize their profits by cutting on the salaries and perks of their workers. The individual worker finds it difficult to raise his/her voice against such practices fearing adverse reaction from the management. But when such instances are taken up by the management, it helps in resolving the issues without any adverse impact on the individual worker. Protection of the basic human rights of workers: While working in difficult situations like coal factories, steel furnaces, chemical and fertilizer industry, colder places etc. the workers are supposed to have some protective equipment or shorter working hours in the harmful conditions. In case the management tries to compromise on these aspects, unions try to highlight it with the management or at other appropriate forums. Collective Bargaining Agreements: Quite often the wage stan... fixed by the management in consultation with the workers representatives by way of mutual agreements termed as Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA). Protection against discriminatory policies: If there are any effort by the management to discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age etc. the union will take up the matter with the management. Providing an informal forum to discuss problems concerning personal issues or official matters: Union meetings, conferences and conventions provide opportunities for interaction amongst the members, union representatives and the management. Quite often, it proves a very useful forum for coming out with remedial measures and taking feedback. (3) Identify actions by Government that have tended to strengthened or weakened union security in the private sector. Unions are not always liked by the government and the management, for a variety of reasons. Therefore the tug of war continues between the management and union representatives. Some actions of the government in the recent past which have resulted into strengthening the unions are; i. Enacting laws protecting the rights of workers ii. Fixing minimum wage standards and working hours iii. Taking cognizance of the hazardous situations in which workers of some industries have to operate and stipulating the requirements for adequate safety precautions. One of the key actions initiated by the governments which have resulted into weakening of the union movement is the excessive emphasis on outsourcing and contractual employment, which at times makes the workers ineligible for the membership of unions. Off-shoring and outsourcing implies that works are done by people in other countries, which again results in attrition in the organizations, thus weakening the unions. B. (1) Discuss

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HR Training and Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

HR Training and Development - Essay Example should be to make sure that the employees follow a certain standard operating procedure within the workplace and they must not adhere to any other specifications than what have been told by the organization. The training procedures need to be elaborate covering all necessary details in such a manner that there is enough learning for everyone. The training regimes therefore bank on the experience which has been gained and which shall be used for the betterment of the employees in the long run (McCracken, 2005). The effectiveness of the training programs is significant and this can be gauged through the productivity shown by the employees once they implement these training realms within their respective quarters. This means that the different tangents behind these training modules would ask for a better understanding of the employees as per their work measures and how they are able to showcase their strengths and weaknesses as and when

Csr in Foxconn Essay Example for Free

Csr in Foxconn Essay More and more companies are investing in China, to share the incredible profit generate from the 1.4 trillion people. One of the US based company, which its going to invest 35% of its stake, to a fast growing China private-owned timber flooring company. Like most local Chinese company, CSR is not implementing in that company as well as no management working on it. Generally speaking, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) is a form of corporate self-regulation integrates into business model, in which a company monitors and ensures its active compliance with the spirit of law, ethical standard and international norms. Although this timber company has high growth in the market and generate good profit, it may easily pose a risk to investor if they are not pay attention to social and environmental issues. Below summaries would like to analyst the potential impacts may arise from different parties such as employees, consumers, environment, and communities and how they may be affected by the decision. First of all, its no doubt that employee are the basic component of an industry. By taking measures from the Social Accountabilities 8000 (SA8000), they should consider if the company has employed child labor. Child labor is very popular in China and other developing countries like Guatemala especially industry like involving agricultural and manufacturing that need high working force. It may violate the law and damage the company brand easily. Other than legal extend, an interesting figure showed that (, 83% of the employee will leave the job if their employer used child labor. Obvious, child labor nowadays give more harm than good, instead, providing wellness program for employee and their families create certain shared value that they will love more the company in both mentally and physically. Moreover, its also important that the firm should provide adequate safety working environment as well as organize enough safety training. It will certainly reduce the number of accidents occurs. In the early 80s, China had launched Social Security Fund, all companies must follow closely and provide all kinds of insurances to employees in order not to obstruct from the law and political issue. In addition, the company should encourage workers to form union and those who involve wont be discriminated. Because employee more involve in the discussion regarding payroll, community welfare and company development will surely increase their loyalty at all. The investor has to review all the working hours, salary standard and penalty and make sure its fair to everyone. Secondly, the investor should concern to the consumers feedback in which the company has to create customers satisfaction to their products. However, in this competitive world, many companies like to exaggerated the usage and beauty of their products to attract more customers by means of media as a communication platform. For this reason, the investor should review all these products advertisement that might cause harmful effect to the product brand name. Reputation of the timber flooring company takes years to come to the top five in China can be ruined in hours. One accident always cause in flooring industries may be the level of formaldehyde is so high that cause toxic to human. Heath problems always cause fatal to death of company. One of big scandal happened recently nearly killed AJISEN one of the ramen restaurant in which has been accused of making their broths using soup concentrate and cheap flavoring powders, known for a guarantee that all their soups come from a broth of pork bones simmered to perfection.(Patrick Keefe) Stock price of AJISEN drops from HK$17.82 to HK$9.32 (51.7%) within 2 weeks just right after the scandal and never climb back up until now. Indeed, customer are all likely the same, they only purchase goods they fell confidence by faith as choices are not the only one. Above example shows a warning signal that in case the company has listed in the stock market in the future. They have to take care much more than now on the CSR issues as media can spread out news within one day. Thirdly, the company should put more efforts not to interfere the environment. Recently, Chinese government has set up many laws to preserve environmental friendly after enter the WTO, ISO14000 standard is basic management standard that has to follow. Due to their factories including plantation, chemical working for production and raw material importation, there are a lot of chances may encounter to environmental dispute. As an investor, other than make sure correct documentations and license for environmental issue, they also have to study all the process in terms of energy use and logistics. Considering the firm has 50% of timber source globally and 10% of their customers are overseas, excess packaging of products and greenhouse gases are not just costly to the environment but also costly to the business. By reducing its packaging and cutting 100 million miles from the delivery routes of its trucks, Wal-Mart lowered carbon emissions and saved $200 million in cost. (Harvard Business Review). Above example shows typical how mutual benefits if we re-arrange business decision and enhance regulation reforms even just simple as logistic. Besides, China has a lot of tax reduction and funding approaches to achieve government supports by encouraging people to protect the nature. Furthermore, the investor should also pay attention to their suppliers. Not only to check if the imported products are fulfill the regulations but also review the availability and the ease of transportation as 50% outsourcing of the company is not a small figure to ignore. Above all, CSR is not a short term objective, the investor should set up a CSR team in the company for promoting and working for long term prospective. Its clearly that CSR is helping to build up the company brand far more easily than performing marketing and sales on timber flooring only. According to Harvard Business Review, Not all profit is equal. Profit involving a social purpose represent a higher form of capitalism, one that creates a positive cycle of company and community prosperity, its no doubt that customer will purchase more if the timber flooring shows green and if the company anticipate more social welfare activities. To conclude, the investor should immerse CSR into each employee and the community in order to enhance share value to form a mutually beneficial society.

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How God Can Help to Understand the Presence of Natural Evil

How God Can Help to Understand the Presence of Natural Evil Thousands have died in the last 12 months as a result of adverse weather conditions, hundreds of thousands as a result of earthquake and volcanic activity, and millions through cell mutation leading to diseases such as cancer. Explore how models of God can help or hinder an understanding of the presence of such natural evil in the world. Generally when you think of the word evil, your first reaction will be to think of moral evil evil committed by human beings. Three examples of such evils are murder, rape, and terrorism. In Christian tradition, evil consists of breaking the rules given by God to man, and suffering is Gods punishment for breaking those rules. Theologian Henri Blocher depicts evil, when looked upon as a theological concept, as an unjustifiable reality. In common parlance, evil is something that occurs in experience that ought not to be.[1] The focus of this essay however, is natural evil. This is evil in the world that arises from what we call natural events. This would include earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, disease, birth defects, and other aspects of our world that cause suffering and death, e.g. cancer. These create a problem for us in how we think about God, because such events inflict evil on victims, but with no human perpetrator to blame for it. Now that the actual issue of evil has been addressed, we can begin to look at how models of God can help or hinder an understanding of the presence of such evil. Evil poses a big problem to Christianity, because they propose the existence of a deity who is omnibenevolent (all loving), while simultaneously also being omnipotent (all powerful), and omniscient (all knowing)[2]. This is arguably the most obvious problem caused by models of God with regard to natural evil, yet also the biggest, and it still has not been solved. If God is omnipotent, then God has the power to eliminate all evil. If God is omniscient, then God knows when evil exists. And finally, if God is omnibenevolent, then God has the desire to eliminate all evil. If God is all powerful, then he must have the power to stop such events. If he has the power to stop them, but chooses not to, then he isnt omnibenevolent. If he doesnt stop such events even though he wants to, then he is not omnipotent. This would then insinu ate that God, or at least the Christian image of God, does not exist. This is obviously a model of God causing great hindrance to getting anywhere near to understanding natural evil. In God and Evil, McCloskey examines five popular solutions to the problem of understanding natural evil. In this article natural evil is referred to as physical evil. The five solutions proposed are; physical good (pleasure) requires physical evil (pain) to exist at all; Physical evil is Gods punishment of sinners; Physical evil is Gods warning and reminder to man; Physical evil is the result of the natural laws, the operations of which are on the whole good; and finally, Physical evil increases the total good.[3] With regard the first solution offered, McCloskey is quick to shoot it down. It doesnt cover all natural goods and evils. He says that Disease and insanity are evils, but health and sanity are possible in the total absence of disease and insanity.[4] He goes on to describe how the argument is unsound in respect of its main contention, and hence seriously limits Gods power. This solution would maintain that God cannot create pleasure without pain, and as McCloskey shows, the y are not correlatives. Next, McCloskey considers the solution that natural evil is Gods way of punishing sin. This was the idea used to explain the terrible Lisbon earthquake in the 18th Century, when tens of thousands of Portuguese citizens were killed. Voltaire replied to the argument that it was a punishment by asking if God chose the people he felt were least virtuous in society, which clearly is not the case. For this argument to help us understand natural evil, it would require every single human being to have sinned so badly that we all deserve severe punishment from God; such is the uneven distribution of the punishment if it is so. McCloskey argues that even if it were the case that we all deserve punishment, why is there the issue of birth defects such as blindness or mental disabilities what have the children then done to deserve punishment? In fairness he does concede that this argument has dropped out of the theological sphere, but it is one that is still used at the popular level.[5] Thirdly, the issue of natural evil as a warning to men is considered. Again this explanation comes no closer to helping us understand natural evil. Joyce, cited in God and Evil puts forward that natural evils inspire a reverential awe of the Creator who made them.[6] McCloskey goes onto describe evil as the main reason why people turn away from religion and so if God is using it to try and inspire veneration, then he is a bungler'[7]. Also the use of evil for this reason wouldnt be something youd expect from a benevolent deity. Penultimately, evil as the result of the natural laws is considered. McCloskey summarises the argument by saying This fourth argument seeks to exonerate God by explaining that He created a universe sound on the whole, but such that he had no control over the laws governing His creations, and had control only in His selection of His creations.'[8] This would then indicate three of the main arguments used by theists contradict each other and in turn make it more difficult for us to understand natural evil. It also asks questions of Gods omnipotence. The previous two arguments attribute the detailed results of the operation of these laws directly to Gods will. Therefore it is not without significance that they betray such uncertainty as to whether God is to be commended or exonerated.[9] The solution considered lastly is that the Universe is better with evil in it. This type of argument portrays evil as a means to a greater good. McCloskey again discredits it by saying even if the general principle of the argument is not questioned, it is still seen to be a defective argument. On the one hand, it proves too little it justifies only some evil, and not necessarily all of the evil in the universe; on the other hand it proves too much because it creates doubts about the goodness of apparent goods.[10] While we must take into account that McCloskey is a firm atheist, it is difficult to prove any of his arguments against these explanations as wrong. Only the last argument does not conflict with the theist model of God, and even then it only shows that natural evils that occur may have a justification. This is hardly an argument that helps understand the presence of natural evil in the world. Perhaps a model of God that can help us to understand why natural evil is existent in the world is the theodicy of Augustine. A theodicy is an answer to the problem of evil. The biblical story of The Fall in the book of Genesis is fundamental to Augustines theodicy. According to Genesis, Adam was created perfect in a flawless world but then sinned consciously by eating from the forbidden tree. Mans original wholesomeness was lost and all his descendants inherited original sin and original guilt. Augustine puts forward that our punishment for Adams moral evil, which we have inherited, is natural evil.[11] Augustine argued that God is entirely good and cannot be held responsible for creating evil. He would say that Man deserves to be punished and therefore it is right that God should not intervene and put a stop to suffering because we created evil by misusing our freedom. Evil, therefore, is not a thing in itself but rather a privatio boni, that is a lack of goodness or a falling short of the perfection which God intended for us, since God only creates good and it makes no sense to talk about creating a deprivation. Evil only happens where good goes wrong and it is always man who causes this to happen.[12] If evil is a lack of goodness or perfection (privatio boni) rather than a substance in itself, how do we know what perfection is? In order, for example, to distinguish between what is good in man and what is bad we would need to understand what perfect human nature is. There is a logical contradiction in maintaining that a perfectly created world has gone wrong, because this would mean that evil must have created itself out of nothing, which is not possible. In other words, whether evil is considered to be a substance or a lack of goodness responsibility for it must lie with God. Either the world was not perfect in the first place or God allowed it to go wrong (by allowing Satan to tempt Adam to eat the apple). If, in the Garden of Eden, before the Fall (i.e. in the perfect world) there was no knowledge of good and evil, how could there have been the freedom to obey or disobey God? Adams initial capacity to choose evil must still be attributed to God. For scientifically minded critic s the main weakness of Augustines theodicy is, again, that it is derived from Genesis and the story of the Fall. It does not take account of evolutionary theory. The idea that a perfectly created world was damaged by humans (and that this is how evil and suffering came into the world) is not borne out by evolutionary theory. According to this view of the world, evil and suffering must have existed long before homo sapiens appeared on earth. According to Darwinian theory, for example, evil and suffering are the inevitable consequence of the struggle for survival in which all creatures have been engaged. So, again, if Gods world contained flaws (in the form of evil and suffering) before man existed, God must bear responsibility for them. Augustines theodicy begs the question of whether God could have created free beings who always choose what is morally right. All the most recent scientific evidence suggests that the human race is not descended from one ancestor (Adam) as Augustine cl aims, but grew up across the globe from a number of different forebears and before that from apes. Therefore we cannot be thought to have inherited Adams original sin. Nor, therefore, is God just in punishing us for someone elses sin. Hell appears to be built into the design of the universe in Augustines theodicy. It would seem, therefore, that God was expecting things to go wrong, and chose to do nothing about it. How can we believe in Gods justice when some have been granted His grace and others not , on an apparently arbitrary basis? And why would a benevolent God have wished any of his creatures to suffer eternal torment in hell? Blocher, H. 1994. Evil and the Cross. p.10 Tooley, M. 2002. The Problem of Evil. Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy. [Online] Available at: [Accessed on 26/04/2010] McCloskey, H. J. 1960. God and Evil. The Philosophical Quarterly (10)39. pp.97-114. Ibid. Ibid. Joyce cited in McCloskey, H. J. 1960. God and Evil. The Philosophical Quarterly (10)39. pp.97-114. McCloskey, H. J. 1960. God and Evil. The Philosophical Quarterly (10)39. pp.97-114. Ibid. Ibid. Ibid. Birnbaum, D. 1988. God and evil: a unified theodicy/theology/philosophy Birnbaum, D. 1988. God and evil: a unified theodicy/theology/philosophy

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Economics is an integral part of society whether this involves governments allocating scarce resources or individuals deciding on how to spend their limited income; utilizing limited resources is such a pervasive part of everyday life. Pondering upon this it is easy to sort out how everything is related to economics. Every shop we pass by, every argument we hear, our precedence; everything is linked with economics. It is this omnipresent nature of economics that captured my interest. My interest in economics came forth when I first studied it at my GCE O Levels. I was astounded by how accurately economic theories describe what happens around us in our everyday lives and how even the most minor decisions that we make are governed by economics. Every time I pick up a newspaper or watch the news, economics is there. The opportunity to study this diverse and dynamic subject is a huge desire and ambition of mine, as it plays such a big role in the world we live in and impacts upon everyon e and everything. My passion for Economics was dampened when I discovered that Mathematics, my least favorite subject, was going to be an essential part of further studies in economics. I used to detest Mathematics and never practiced it, but a few months before my GCE O level exam I realized that I had to do achieve a good grade in Mathematics to realize my dream of a degree in economics. My passion for economics compelled me to focus on Mathematics and my efforts were rewarded with an A star in my GCE O Level result. I, grudgingly, took Mathematics as an A level subject, but my new teacher encouraged me and coaxed out my innate potential, I discovered that I had a flare for Pure Mathematics and since then i have not achieved a grade lower than an A... ...lization at work. This experience also enhanced my management and communication skills. I spend my leisure time in playing football, reading books, swimming, watching movies and playing games. I have a secret passion for acting and am very impressed by Hollywood. I once participated in a play and earned an honorable mention. I have never before considered acting seriously but now I feel that if I focus on honing my acting ability I can become a good actor. Today I stand as a vigilant student looking forward to a deserved, a chance to contribute to Economic progress and to deliver my knowledge to others to the fullest extent possible. I really look forward to exploring Economics at university level and using my talent talents in Economics to flourish my career. It would be highly inspirational to get recruited as a student of Economics in your prestigious institute.